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Since the 1970s Dieter Roth has established a personal archive and a museum of his works in 20149 Hamburg, Abteistr. 57. It was his initiative to start the Dieter Roth Foundation. Since his death in 1998 the museum and archive are run as a public utility institution.

Visits are offered by appointment. You can either apply for announced tours ( Jour fixe) or arrange with us for individual booking.

Guided Tours

If you want to visit the museum please make an appointment:

Time: 1,5 hours. Entry fee: € 20 per person. Students and pupils: € 10 per person. For less than 5 adult participants or 10 pupils/students a flat rate of € 100 applies.

Jour fixe

Museum tours of approximately 90 mins are offered every first friday of the month. The guided tours at Jour fixe will take place in German. Upcoming dates are:
06/03/2020 (please book until 02/03)
03/04/2020 (please book until 30/03)
08/05/2020 (please book until 04/05)
05/06/2020 (please book until 01/06)

Respectively at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m.
booking is required (please book at least 4 days in advance):

Entry fee: € 20 per person
Students and pupils: € 10 per person
possible cancellation if there are not enough applications

Exhibitions with works by Dieter Roth

ongoing / preview

(na fritze?) lakritze
Das Universum Dieter Roth in der Sammlung Würth
23/11/2019 – 26/04/2020

Vertigo, Op Art und eine Geschichte des Schwindels 1520-1970
mumok, Museum moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wien
25/05/2019 – 26/10/2019
Kunstmuseum Stuttgart
23/11/2019 – 19/04/2020

Museum Tinguely, Basel
05/06/2019 – Dezember 2019


Griffith University Art Museum
05/07/2019 – 28/09/2019

Vinyl & Clips. Sound Collection Guy Schraenen et clips d’artistes
Museum Frac Franche-Comté, Besançon
19/05/2019 – 22/09/2019

Mehrfach einmalig: Das Multiple
Ausstellungshaus Spoerri, Hadersdorf am Kamp
31/03/2019 – 03/11/2019

Dieter Roth and Franz West
Hauser & Wirth Zürich
15/03/2019 – 04/05/2019

40 Jahre Galerie Holtmann
Galerie Heinz Holtmann, Köln-Rheinauhafen
10/03/2019 – 27/04/2019

Ding / Unding. Die Entgrenzung des Künstler*innenbuchs
Graphischen Sammlung ETH Zürich
13/02/2019 – 14/04/2019

Reality Check. Materialwelten in der Kunst von Jean Tinguely bis Dieter Roth
Kunstmuseum beim Stadthaus, Winterthur
26/01/2019 – 22/04/2019

Komödie des Daseins, Kunst und Humor von der Antike bis heute
Kunsthaus Zug
23/09/2018 – 06/01/2019

Murmel Murmel
Premiere am Schauspielhaus Bochum

Dieter Roth. Le pagine
curated by Elena Volpato
FLAT, international art book fair
La Centrale, Nuvola Lavazza, via Ancona 11/a — Torino
02/11/2018 – 04/11/2018

Die große Zange der Literatur
Symposium, Literaturfest und Ausstellung
Günter Brus und Dieter Roth – Künstlerdichter
kunsthaus muerz
20/09/2018 – 23/09/2018

WUNDUNCULUM, Günter Brus und Dieter Roth
galerie kunsthaus muerz
20/09/2018 – 21/10/2018

Dieter roth diter rot dieter roth-Kein kommentar
Galerie und Verlag St. Gertrude, Hamburg
27/04/2018 – 02/06/2018

FLASHES OF THE FUTURE-Die Kunst der 68er oder die Macht der Ohnmächtigen
Ludwig Forum Aachen
20/04/2018 – 19/08/2018

SPIELRAUM. Kunst, die sich verändern lässt
Museum im Kulturspeicher Würzburg
03/02/2018 – 22/04/2018

Dieter Roth Paper
Hauser & Wirth, Zürich
19/01/2018 – 03/03/2018