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1930 to 1950 Germany, Switzerland


Born as Karl-Dietrich Roth on April 21,1930 in Hanover as one of three sons of a German mother and a Swiss father working as a merchant .


Attends primary school in Hanover-Döhren.


Attends secondary school in Hanover.


Roth is accommodated with foster parents in Zurich. At the hotel run by the family Fritz Wyss, where Roth will remain for three years, Jewish and communist artists and actors also reside during the war. In this environment Roth begins to write poetry and to create his first drawings, pastels, and watercolours.


Roth’s parents move to Switzerland and the whole family takes up residence in Herisau. Roth attends secondary school in St Gallen. He produces his first etching on tin sheet metal and his first oil paintings.


Roth drops out of school and starts an apprenticeship as a graphic designer with Friedrich Wüthrich in Bern (until 1951). There he becomes acquainted with all of the significant printing techniques. He creates linocuts and wood engravings. Roth meets Eggenschwiler and Paul Thalmann.


Roth makes his first collages with painted scrap metal. He suffers a nervous breakdown and attempts suicide.

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